Sunday, April 25, 2010

possilby should have stuck to football

I liked Matt Smith in the Ruby in the Smoke.
But Who Boy isn't working for me.
Even thought he's a knowledgeable chap on his music and seems rather affable.

He's much more believable in his own clothes rather than the odd tweedy ensemble looking thing. AS if he's escaped from some old Open University programme.

And why does he sound like he went to Eton?

Couldn't he just be a lad of his age with a Tardis?

It's official, i'm about 20 years too old for Doctor Who now.

There are things to let go. Not quite ready too though.

I saw Adam Ant on Friday so I do know what i'm talking about.
Although to be fair he's in super good nick and in many ways, punk to the bone.

So folks, Stand and Deliver!

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