Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music of a down

When you are off to a meeting about your provisional selection for redundancy, music selection is an important thing.

As is outfit choice, but I'd already nailed that.

And so, really, System of a Down was the only choice. Andy did me a compilation to run to, but it makes me giggle to much, laughing at the crudity.
Boy did I need a laugh that morning.

But now it is done. The die is cast.
It's over.

And now I have mourned for a couple of weeks, I am back to the me-ness of life with a gusto.
And a wee peak at the Alexander Skarsgard. and a Listen to 30 Seconds to MArs and some excellent covers by some v. talented Irish lads that I have actually met - Harry & Alfie Hudson-Taylor.
Harry's 18th birthday post was deeply hilarious.

And so it is that here on Planet Maj, there are plots to be hatched and lives to be lived. Whether we like it or not.
So i'm off to buy butter for my malt loaf and borrow some rubbish literature for late night reading from the library.

Then I might count my mighty change mountain and see about turning it into beer.
Given that I am unemployed, some activity of this nature is beholden upon me, no?

There may be acapella busking at some point too. You have been warned

Peace out people. Good things are coming our way

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