Monday, December 06, 2010

Talking to your family

is great, ain't it?

My aunt: Have you got a proper boyfriend yet?

Me: ...short speechless silence during which i wonder if i've accidentally dialled back in time somehow and shortly I will get told off for spending too much time on the phone and asked by my mum to provide my PE kit for washing coz it's hockey tomorrow.

WFT - boyfriend?
I haven't had one of those for YEARS.
It's a term that makes me recoil, even though I don't have a good alternative.
I loathe girlfriend with an equally fiery passion.

Best answer to this question came from Dodo:
Surely an improper one would be better?

That I can do. Ha ha.
Therefore, whyfore the label worry?
Who can tell?

I guess because growing up it was a question that often had a negative answer, it still flicks me on a sore spot.

peace out people, we're all someones boy or girlfriend, sometime

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