Monday, July 11, 2011

Derfwad - siempre en mi corazon

Well, it's been a while, eh?
I've racked up thousands of miles and 3 or 4 continents. More on that later.

In the mean time, a post for Derfwad (

1) I don't have a kitchen floor at present, i'm technically homeless. I did just squeedggeeee the shower room floor in the hostel that I'm staying in, in Buenos Aires, if that counts. Largely so that I could dry myself on a dry floor, so not at all altruistic behaviour.
When i did have a tiny kitchen in merry old London, I mopped the floor at least once a year.
I would hoover it once a week, sweep it daily and go over it with antiseptic wipes whenever anything scarily splattery got on it, but the mop didn't put in more than a cursory appearance.

2) No, I have never been in a physical fight. Being quite tall since I was young, various people offered me out (as we say round my way in merry old Nottinghamshire, England) but my utter apparent willingness to take them on left me broadly fight free. That and I could make them laugh instead. I'm a lover, Mrs G, not a fighter. Or some such.

3) I have given this a lot of thought, as I have one of the most classic run of the mill first names ever and as a teen I constantly wanted to change it for something more glamorous. But could never come up with something better. And now I'm sort of used to it. But if I ever take up with someone with a terribly dramatic long surname (Norwegian patronimic or multiple surnamed Latino) I might ditch my Christian name and have my surname for my first name, if you get me. Then my actual name can become a family secret amongst the beloved. (wow. I'm proper crazy)

4) Again, no house... In my old flat, I liked the living room coz it was bright and airy, my rocking chair was in there and it was cool to sit on the wide stone window cill and dangle my legs out as I gazed down the long garden. Basically i like any good spots for reading in a patch of sunshine. I'm like a literary cat.

5) I've covered this in some old posts on this very blog - 'I look like that hooker off telly' - one Billie Piper, who plays Belle in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and Rose on Doctor Who
for more info see:

6) The Changling with Ange Jolie, in the middle of the night in Rio the other day, when we tuned in part way through, only to become gripped and then by some weird quirk of programming, they showed the exact same film back to back, so we could watch the beginning, after the end, as it were. Whilst eating a pizza. At 2am. Man, I love the hours in South America countries.

7) Yep. No one can really dance to music in discos. Enthusiasm is the key. I am going to do a tango lesson shortly. Then I can become utterly shameless on the dance front. Yipee. I might be rubbish but you've gotta put it out there. Life's for the living

8) Back in old London town, a variety of books, some dust bunnies, various packs of printed photos, some hair ties, escapee tablets, a bottle of water, a big box of clothes, some weights (rather dusty from under use), my flute and a guitar tuner. Right this second, nothing as the bed frame is sort of a big solid box. But very comfy none the less.

9) Calling with good news - my mum or my bessie mate. Or whatever fun person is closest to where I'm stood. Someone who would enjoy it and get a kick out of it themselves.

10) In Nottinghamshire, with its lush greeness and forest, in a teeny mining village where the last bus left at 7.30pm or maybe 8pm on a racy night. We biked around, wandered through farmers fields, played on the train tracks as the train went past (yikes), went to the Horse and Jockey pub in town and tried to get served and generally got down with all the 80s tunes, films, hair, leggings and bangles. With occasional jousting (Robin Hood Festival is BIG DEAL here in his home)

11) I am afraid of hospitals. The smell, the colour of the walls. I am afraid of cockroaches. the weird clicking sound that they make, which now I come to think about it, is not entirely unsimilar to the noise of the keys on this netbook. Eurrggghhhh! But I'm not paralysed by fear of either, so no, fairly phobia free ta.

12) Laughter in the face of adversity. Which may be perceived as flippancy but actually takes more effort than you'd think.

13) Yes, I am a morning and a night person. I'm just not a mid-afternoon person. There tends to be a bit of a lull.

14) I won't get sucked back into the 9 to 5 rat race when I get back from my trip. I am striving to make it true too, but worry that it could be a lie.

15) Bruises? No, not really.

16) NO pulp please. And can it be frozen and passionfruit? Marvellous.

Peace out ladies, have a great day

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