Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Derfing it up,

1) Do you think family should stick together no matter what, because, you know, family is family?
I reckon that most of the time that's what happens, but there is probably a finite limit (murder?)
The family you choose can be as important as the one you're born into and you tend to stick to that one like glue, in the face of all kinds of things. Or maybe that's just me. I'm blessed to have a variety of international families.

2) What fad did you partake in that is slightly embarrassing now?
I was a Brosette. Only in it's mildest form, but with Grolsch tops on my shoes and everything. Every single picture that we posed for on our first French Exchange we were in the three poses.

3) If you had to wallpaper your bedroom wall with someone's face, whose face would you choice.
My cat
No bigger love going on right now

4) If you were to write an autobiography, what would you call it?
"And nobody needs that"
5) If money and availability were no object, what artist would you like to own a painting by?
I would like a painting of some youths doing grafitti by a British artist living in Germany, Martha Parsey.
I would also quite like a Rodin sculpture, some Hockney giant montage photography and a Basquiat.
These will be in my imaginary loft, along with a rather wide comfy chaise longue, upon which my imaginary husband, Alexander Skarsgaard and I will recline, eating frozen yoghurt with kiwi fruit pieces.

6) What's your favorite veggie?
Mushrooms. Mange tout (NOT the same as snow peas). Broccolli. Spinach.
7) Buried or cremated? Do you want your ashes scattered someplace special?
I would like to go to organ donation and then to science.

8) What celebrity reminds you of your mother?
Erm, I'm not sure that any celebrity reminds me of my mother.
She would like Kylie Minogue (fellow breast cancer survivor) to play her in the TV movie of her life, if that counts for anything.

Peace out, people, hump day is almost amongst us.
And for the Mexicans amongst us, wooo hooo, Day off on Monday

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