Saturday, June 07, 2014

Getting ready to burn some bridges

It's not wise but really, if you're in on a Friday night coz your ire is too great and your energy to low for human company, it doesn't take google maps to show you the light about the path you're currently walking.

Or is it an impending big birthday that's leading to late night reflection on the giant scorecard of life?

The extra twenty pounds on my ass? My apparently broken continually chapped left elbow? Going cold turkey on the no fags? Oh the wallowing, the self-pity party, really, even I don't want an invitation

Which is how I know that something's got to give.

And it ain't gonna be me


Something did give. It was the mental barriers.
The universe provided, as it often does.
life is invariably more good than bad, if you just give it a go
Elbow's still chapped though.

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