Friday, October 13, 2006

foreign adoptions

what's with Madonna and in fact Malawi?
there will now follow a small rant. sadly it's completely unreseached but here's some of the immediate question that my tiny mind churned out:

are there no children up for adoption in the USA or GB now?

if you have enough cash do all regulations on adoption just fly merrily out of the window?

Were there no actual orphans in Malawi? this child has a father and grandparents, ie some sort of support net work.

i'm all for the big stars sharing the wealth and trying to make a tangible difference, i just question whether this is the most effective way to do it. i also wish they were a little more home grown too - everyone is helping the far corners of the world while their own neighbourhoods go to hell in a handcart. let's get a more holistic approach going here folks.

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dodo said...

hello hello. lively to see you on the interweb. hear you on the interweb.

I've knitted myself a new internet connection, as clearly waiting for BT's head ot emerge from its slack arse was a flawed strategy.

As soon as it was up and trunnign you're the first palce i've visited.

huraah for you!!!

(and. how can she be three and I've still not shewd the baby weight?)

(and. with her new pens, she's just drawn a picture of you and her on the 'roundandround')