Wednesday, October 25, 2006

if brains were gunpowder

i don't think i'd have enough to blow my hat off at present.
coz i've got a headache. it's sleep proof, it's shower proof, it's not responding to cool glasses of water or paracetamol or sitting in the park.

i'm responding to sitting in the park though... sitting in the park i accidentally came across a montrealer. i can find them unerringly wherever i go. but this one seems like a sign.
i miss talking in French all the time. or Quebecois, as it has become to me. i miss the leaves changing colour and the temperature dropping to teenager and confused twentysomething levels and i miss looking at the city from the mountain.

i haven't coloured it rose though. i dont' miss the tramp problem or tipping barmen for handing me my beer but hey... i'm feeling the call of the wild. and i think maybe that's why nothing's making my headache go away.
that and my PMT. honestly, even reading something remotely sad has me in tears today.
doh. i'm such a goon.

oh and try M & S Cod Piri-Piri. it's monumentally expensive but hey, it really will keep the wolf from teh door for the rest of the day and all the hot spices have totally cleared my sinuses.
i'm going to join technorati and some other places soon to try and obtain a readership/ocasional audience for my ranting.
but right now, i'm going to love you and leave you

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