Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i'm going orange and it's nowt to do with fake tan

it's tesco veggie sausages and beans
i used to compulsively eat them when i was a student and my dad bought a load for me as a joke and whomph. they're back.
and delicious. and a tin does 2 meals, when you're a bit down on yourself and strapped for cash and can't summon enthusiasm for yet another meal for one.
And then Dodo introduced me to Choice grain Jacobs crackers and they're nearly as bad!
i think i might have to do a 12 step food programme, as i apparently have NO will power of my own.
i realise it's a sublimation of other desires and, when you always have to eat the whole packet of biscuits, acutally a bizarre form of self harm. but that doesn't stop me being hungry. for impractical things. even when i'm actually full. boo hiss.

but back to original subject - Tesco Veggie sausage and beans. i#'ts great. particularly on hovis granary with a smear of marmite and a bit of brown sauce, preferably Daddy's.
(the make rather than my actual father's, but then again, as he kicked his crave off, perhaps we should all nick sauce of him, post-haste!)

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dodo said...


can temporarily no longer remember why i love you . . .


(but you're right about those crackers, though . . . . .hmmmm . . . .crackers . . .)