Thursday, November 23, 2006

Die Kinder (that's german)

this morning the sweetest boy on the bus, about ten or eleven, got up as i got on and i got his seat, so i said thanks and he looked really surprised (well, this is London, not known for friendliness on public transport, sad to say). Then I called my aunt and was chatting about going to Germany tomorrow and when i finished my call, he asked me if i spoke German, as he was German so we had a wee chat in German and then he got off the bus. We were then stuck in traffic and he waved as he over took us, walking on the pavement.

and it made me think how if you're an English speaker, most places you go, someone can talk to you in your mother tongue, but if you're not, tracking down a trace of home when you're feelign a bit lonesome can be much more tricky.

When i went to Gothenburg for the half marathon last year, i was a complete fish out of water as hardly anyone seemed to speak English and my only swedish word is smorgasbord.

it's nice to make people smile.

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