Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who watches the watchmen?

This morning the blond spikey haired guy who's always in nice Diesel-esque gear who never ever pays when he gets on the bus totally got caught out by the inspector.
i live for these moments.
he confiscated his card and everything. Nice.

For those who've not been to Blighty's Big SMoke since the introduction of the Bendy Bus (very long, people fall over a lot, multiple doors, scanners that you swipe a travel card on to pay), people actually refer to them as the 'Free' bus. VERY annoying.
they replaced the really funky Routemaster, which was an old style double decker, which you boarded at the back - great views, not so crammed with people, etc.

being dull, i pay for my journies. some mornings, i am really the only person in fifteen that get on at my stop to beep a card.
which goes to show that people ( and i live in quite a nice area - these people can so afford to beep) don't self police to well.

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