Friday, May 25, 2007

high dugeon

that's me.
misquoted, i feel and defo misunderstood and by an important person that i was trying to give support to. humph.
i feel like my words and turns of expression hid what i had to say.
whatever. i wasn't aware that i was so vocally maladroit and now i've made a tough day tougher for a smashing and nicely by making them think that i've judged them harshly. that doesn't sit well with me.

my lovely mate in Telford has offered to be kind of on call with me over the dad stuff, which is very sweet but up til the past couple of days i've thought was overkill but now i wonder if i'm not quietly losing it with no good outlet. i'm whining about stuff that isn't important coz i don't want to open my can of worms. and when i did ask a near friend for support the other day it wasn't forthcoming, which was rubbish. Particularly when i'd spent HOURS hashing over their trauma not so very long ago.
it wasn't even acknowledged, which i guess tells me. Suck it up and deal. possibly not bad advice as all my jerrymandering isn't doing much good.

right. nice cuppa to put perspective back on the table perhaps

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