Wednesday, May 23, 2007

from Dodo's meme

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7 random facts
1) i'm a coal miner's daughter. as such i have the checks that were my dad's underground number on my keys. i like to stroke them. it was a system that didn't change for years - each miner had a number. there was a big board full of brass disks. when you went underground, you took your disk. If there was an accident, you knew who was underground. my dad was gutted when they changed his number. so we kept all the old disks. and now it's my lucky number
2) i really really like football. i never thought i would and it always a half hearted thing in the past but i acutally really like watching it. but I won't let it take over my life so i will deliberately only catch it if i'm in. although i do google it soon after and get my phone to send me scores and stuff. Viva the Arse
3) i wonder who will love me unconditionally when my parents die. i wonder if they really love all of me unconditionally now, sometimes. does anyone really manage to love all of the horrid parts that lurk beneath? i wonder where all the love in people goes when they die. ahh the wondering. when i was little, some of my wonderings would cripple me. i remember being on the shore of Lake Annecy as a teenager, about to drive my first ever motor launch, sparkling water, teh joy of fresh whitebait on my tongue and thinking to myself that if we weren't careful, my pen friend and i could end up going to war over things that had nothing to do with us in countries we might not normally visit and feeling that all this open water and air and light and the ripples just magnified how insignificant we were in the face of things. blimey. i sound like one of those Dawson's River kids
4) i really like Katie Price. she makes me laugh. i don't doubt that she can be hell on toast and that all those enlargements are a sign of some deep internal disturbance but i can't really fault her for just getting on with it. And i'm glad that Pete is going to be alright.
5) i don't always listen when i'm out in groups. if they move to a subject that bores me rigid, i go away. sometimes to Tennessee to run around in the yard of my ranch with my yellow dog, sometimes to Cornwall to stride on the coast, sometimes to a bright kitchen with flagstones and a large tea pot. just away. i also have to fight the temptation to put on my ipod when i find conversations trivial, as this would be RUDE
6) i sometimes have dreams so erotic and vivid that i wake myself up and then i'm regretful as i know i've missed a bit
7) i'm never sure if i'm more worried that i won't get what i want in the long run, or that i will and it won't be enough or quite right. 'More' just doesn't seem to be a very focused desire


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