Thursday, May 17, 2007

My oh my

it's jolly expensive to fly to Chicago during school holidays. which is why me and DoDo won't be.

and they say the world's got smaller.
but i think it's got shorter arms and deeper pockets

or other such grandma-isms


dodo said...

and what's worse is, our was-to-be roomie, she of the sewing machine, has already gone and hooked herself up with else. no respectable period of mourning or nuthin. AND this interloper gilly come lately even has THE SAME NAME AS ME!!! how crass is that? like andrew lloyd webber marrying a bunch of women called sarah!

lildb said...

funny enough, R, I proffered myself to her, thinking, well, if I can't have one Ruth, at least I can have another. though they are most definitely not the same Ruth, they are still both Ruth.


yes. I'm mental. *bows low*

HerImperialMajesty said...

seduced and abandoned in the space of a cyber 5 minutes!

i feel... cheap....

no, wait that's just coz my colleague is oggling me as i lift and bend to pack up for the office move