Friday, May 18, 2007

'You don't eat enough calories in a day'

it's not often that i'm so overcome with emotion when someone speaks that i want to throw myself at them (unless they are VERY annoying or have terribly good arms) however when a super fit (in the millions of sit ups sense) lady tells you that you don't eat enough, it's a source of some joy.

although actually i did feel a bit buffoonish too. i mean, I'm in my 30s. i've been feeding myself for yonks. does this actually mean i've been starving myself for yonks and that's what's made my Beyoncéonlysupersized bottom quite so large? Apparently this really could be the case.

As part of this new dawn in the eating field, i had porridge this morning, as it's the super food breakfast of champions (barring the marvellous toasted brown bread banana sarnie the freckled one gave me the other morning).
it's gotta be said, even with Soy Milk (new best friend now that UNSWEETENED) is readily available) it was pretty tasty BUT even though i only made a half portion (breaking tummy into proper breakkie gently) i struggled to eat even half of it. it was nice though. did whack a bit of honey on too.

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