Friday, June 15, 2007

I'll be coming back to the buff red head list later

submit your entries now.

only true believers can vote
and yes, i am putting Ron Weasley in. if he's old enough to vote, i can consider him buff.
Wrong too but buff in a cheeky way.


dodo said...

and some of those Walton's kids were ginger, no?

and the creepy(er) one from big cook little cook

HerImperialMajesty said...

big cook little cook is one ofthe most frightening shows on UK tv because of their creepiness.

Never was really one for walton's mountain, so maybe i missed a trick.

Anonymous said...

Naaah, has to be Eric Stoltz all the way. As long as you don't count in the Ginger Wonder from CSI Miami then you're fine by me.

Lots of scary gingers though...Chuck Norris, say no more