Friday, June 15, 2007

the buff red head list

someone of you may be aware of this, but hey, if not...

i like red hair on a guy.
NOT 'the proclaimers' red but still. fairly firey, to a kind of burnt souped up blond, at a push.
preferably with a good old smattering of ye olde cinnamon, also known as freckles.
yesterday i saw one of my most preferred purveyors of red hair. As he wailed and pounded out chords on his guitar, schmoozed the crowd with his lazy Elvis-esque drawl and generally embodied all that it is to be a hot man in the world today, including shaking his ass for the audience, being witty and having tonnes of talent and skills, as well as looking like he'd demolish proper dinners as well as dispatch bad guys and whip you upstairs for something rather intensive, i rememebered why it is that Joshua Homme, lead singer and guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age, has headed the list for quite so long.

Viva Josh, viva Rock'n'roll


dodo said...

sorry - my imagination's not quite good enough!

HerImperialMajesty said...

if you weren't so busy young lady, i'd bombard you with imagery.
i've put him on flickr tiny. but he's basically an auburn elvis in the transition years