Wednesday, June 13, 2007

schadenfreude - a definition

rosy glow. it can come from all over.
but the schadenfreude one is very sweet indeed.

so when you hear that the bi... i mean young lady who you used to work with, you know the one, the one who tried to claim your work for hers, talked over the top of you or down to you, wore very tight and low cut and up cut things and generally swanked about being the big 'i am' and gained approval for this because they were shiny and new...
that one.
the one who joined and left very quickly, for pastures more glorious and an elevated salary...

rosy glow kicks in when you hear that sadly their company went bust a wee while later.
and that they can't get hired for a similar role by anyone else and so have to something else in a different field
see. i'm not completely heartless. i don't want her to starve or lose her house.
but still. i did allow myself a 2 minute grin.


Jenny said...

Oh hell yes. Those are the moments you live for. And feel guilty about afterward.

dodo said...

fabulous! i have a whole list of people i'm waiting for that to happen to. including my current client after that shouty incident

HerImperialMajesty said...

Yes ladies, it's good to know that there is not a lot of 'scott free' for these people.
it's just a waiting game

and even if you no longer care when you hear, it's still worth a wry smile