Wednesday, July 18, 2007

are you bein taken seriously?

I am feeling kind of annoyed at the doctor.
She never weighed me, she never took my blood pressure, she never touched me in any way.
She did listen to what I had to say but she was definitely already writing it off.
‘yes, nothing you’ve said would be uncommon’.

It could be endrom wotsit ‘but there’s not test for that’.
‘we’ll probably just put you on the pill’
Well if you’d been listening, you’d have heard me tell you that when I was on the pill
a) periods were enormous, 6 -7 days long and not very uncomfortable
b) I put on nearly a stone
So that’s NOT an option

And then about a coil that will ‘give you contraception for the next 5 years’
Hmm, did you read my notes, see my age and consider that I’m childless currently and may not want to sign up to contraception that can take up to 3 years to clear the body?
No. because you’re actually not interested, are you?

I also have such a sore throat today that I sound like Mariella Frostrup
Which I mentioned in passing
‘you’ve probably got a virus’.
No shit Sherlock. Thanks for sharing

No interest in looking, is this a sign that I’m generally run down, etc etc.

I seemed to tell her a lot while she nodded and told me what she’d tell everyone.

If I’m in the UK for my period, I might phone her while I’m in agony for the joy of screaming down the phone at her.

Extreme patient behaviour. not a sign of lunacy after all, just a request to be treated as an individual

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