Wednesday, July 18, 2007

strange hugging charity snipers

i was waylayed by a variety of charity snipers this morning on my way from the best phlebotomy session ever.

they were undeterred by the fact that i was listening to music exceptionally loud through large and obvious headphones.

one of them said 'oh can i have a smile at least?'
so i grinned and he said something about a hug and tried to chat to me about my accent and i beamed at him and walked away.

Because i'm against them. i don't agree with not being able to get into my bank for the tidal wave of causes on the pavement.
i object to be harangued by someone who is so charitable themselves that they're making well above minimum wage out of every person they sign up.
i might sympathise with the sentiment but really.
no means no means no

and you can be as sarcastic or friendly as you like about it and really, it won't losen many purse strings. Things people only did because they felt guilty generally don't last or end well

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