Monday, July 09, 2007

salsa dancing for straight boys

the motivations for him to be salsa dancing are:

a) blatant heterosexuality requiring access to lots of possibly available females who will be lulled into false sense of security and lowered boundaries by dancing
b) latent homosexuality surfacing in a hitherto unseen love of dance and soft side that has been too long sublimated to the thrall of an intensely macho job
c) there's an actual proper girlfriend knocking about and she's the motivation for the dancing

i like c) best myself.

although i have to say that the kind of texts i've been getting and their regularity doesn't speak volumes about fidelity if there really is a bird of permanence.

i have however noticed that work obsessed housemate still manages to see his bird and relatively frequently, albeit at odd times of the day.

so basically there's just a big message here for me that i've been very reluctant to get

but i get it now.

that faint plunking sound is the penny dropping

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dodo said...

find a penny, pick it up . . .