Thursday, July 12, 2007

sometimes they're just like us, those boy things

not often, i'll admit but hey

you know when you sorta kinda like someone and you kinda sorta think they like you and you sorta kinda bimble about on it and get it going but race a head some in someways *bed spring creaks* and lag behind a bit in others *so is this casual or not casual*

it's nice when it turns out that they sorta kinda like you and are sorta kinda not looking for the next thing coz they might like you to be it.

all of this is of course generally concluded within a week at least.
but then we go a LONG time between kisses, so hey, we're retarded
we may yet get there in the end.

back to Winnie the Poo - Rivers know this, there is no hurry, we shall get there in the end

1 comment:

dodo said...

i think you'd finally better let me have a look at him then!