Sunday, September 23, 2007

holy finances batman

which is defo what i've got.
Visa bill is something of a shreiking nightmare, suggesting that i really must leave that bad boy locked in a dark room all on his own. Well actually i must transfer half the balance to low interest, throw a measily 50 a month at it and divert all energies to paying off the other half asap without putting any more on there.
or should i move all the balance barring the amount i can immediately pay off onto my virgin card interest free and clear it all together... that might be the wisest thing to do. but what i really need to do is hold fire til pay day so i can address the general disaster area that is my personal finances from a position of knowledge
and i also need to NOT buy anything. which is a shame because i'm relatively fond of eating.
it wouldn't be so bad but i totally did this to myself, with the personal trainer thing. being hundreds of pounds out on your personal plan kind of digs you a hole.
and there are all too many financial organisations waiting to push you in.
and you help them do it with your meaningless consumer driven life.
don't get me wrong. i wouldn't change it up to this point but now this worm is turning.
My personal wealth has little to do with the contents of my purse, even if that's how we've set our society up. i'm going to be debt free by this time next year. Watch this wig, as Ruth Picardie said

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