Sunday, September 23, 2007

the wanting of stuff, or not

i'm currently reading Covey's 7 Habits of Effective People. normally i'm against self help bollocks as there's a high proportion of psychobabble and really, have you seen the sort of people that read that sort of stuff and talk of empowerment tends to come with the special kind of lunacy but there you go, a few people that i rate mentioned him in passing and now here i am looking at his method.
Which is actually pretty interesting and makes me smile as he has a fondness for the word 'paradigm' that reminds me of one of my first bosses in london. in fact it might be where said boss developed the fondness for all i know. too too funny and reminiscent of one of the most brilliant (messy eater extraordinaire) minds i've ever come across.
i like the idea of being proactive and deciding what effect people's reactions and situations are going to have one me. this won't stop the split second of road rage when some knob in an audi carves me up unnecessarily on the motorway but will allow me to quickly convert it into smile factor, rather than spending the next few miles fuming and joining in on the driving like a wanker too.
i like starting with the end in mind as a concept too.
i'm giving me self some time to read and digest it so i hope no one else requests it from the library before i'm done.
i feel like perhaps the time has finally come to start driving this machine in the direction i want to go in.

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