Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the mafia

no no, i haven't started racketeering or anything

but i'm an only child and i forget that i'm part of my own special mafia, genetically, right up until i'm united with my cousins. then the kinship and genetics will out.

it never ceases to amaze me that i'm actually part of a set. i'm used to resembling my mother strongly on first glance and actually my father enormously in terms of characteristics and behaviour but to realise that it's much broader that that and that i'm like this bunch of people that i've only seen a limited amount of times and wasn't really raised with is an interesting slant on the nature/nuture principle.

and i'm not displeased to be part of this continuum. or part of a tribe that look somehow similar.
funniest for me was when my uncle and his new bride assembled his sons and brother (my dad) and her son and brother in along line and they were all similar heights and all of my genetic relations stood the same. they didn't look at each other. they just ambled over and assumed the exact same stance. they crossed their arms the same and the works.

sometimes its fun to see that we're nothing but mammals

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