Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life it sucks Part 2

oh and did i mention that my dad's breathing has got a little bit worse and now he's going to have oxygen at home for the bad days.
he seemed quite chipper about it on the phone initially but later said he only agreed to it because of the expression on my mum's face when she thought he was going to refuse.
Go Susan.

it's really rather frightening to see him completely grey and hardly able to cross the living room to the kitchen, secure in the knowledge that there is no real treatment for his condition. That all we have is a random cocktail of various debilitating drugs that function in a retro-viral busting way that may or may not impede the progress of his body's journey into converting healthy tissue into cardboard.
ahh the joys.
But i can't diss his medical guys. They talk to him like he's a 61 year old man gradually suffocating in his own body. they're all about a long term plan and short term life enhancement.
how novel.

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