Thursday, October 11, 2007

the nutritional light at the end of the tunnel...

which might actually just be my wallet opening.
Complementary medicine is a funny beast.
you get your fair share and beyond of fluffy nutjobs and whackos and then heal thy selfers but on the whole, if what they do works, they have a host of case histories.
And so it is by accident i've been led to an endo nutritionalist.

and what a difference it was to talk to someone who'd been there, knew exactly what i was going through and remembers shuffling into her wellies to crawl into her garden late one night to scream out loud because of how much it hurt and how rubbish she felt and then all the emotional crap that no one even begins to warn you about, let alone deal with.
but seeing her was not cheap.
and the supplements she's prescribed are not cheap

and more worryingly i can never have coffee again
and i have to do some rather draconian eating.
but there is light at the end of that darned tunnel and i'm heading towards it full steam baby.
gotta be proactive. Can't let the defeat me coz all that lies that way is a lack of toothbrush activity, inertia and a life under the duvet and i've got too much to do for that.

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dodo said...

you rock. i hope you found a power cable. happy yesterday birthday. xx