Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ah that cadence

there's nothing like the scrape of nails on coiled metal for me.
a hint of guitar makes me pause for breath almost.

and over the last few days i've been totally spoilt

a near perfect gig from Ryan Adams and Cardinals at Hammersmith Apollo - only marred v. slightly by the amount of people wandering back and forth but i guess they do that at standing gigs too. But most excellent, from the green sparkly bobble hat to the kermit impersonation via discussions of soup, the banter alone would've been worth it. But the set list was class and a quality intro for my unsuspecting mate who came with. and he was on stage for bloody ages.
Thank you to the mighty Cardinals. would that all bands were so talented and tight.

Fast forward to a massive venue, the Jellyfish in Greenwich. Really can't bring myself to call it the 02. it's like a casino in the centre itself and chavsville illinois but it delivers sonically for bands and a great night was had by all with the one and only Foo Fighters who rock my world more and more every time i clap eyes on 'em.
Just too too fantastic for words. Hard rocking, fun loving pranksters with the chops and tunes to more than deliver in such an enormous venue.
All hail Dave, Taylor, Nate and Chris.

And also welcome to my musical repetoire, Kaki King. O Mi God. She totally floored me. what a virtuoso. I know see that emulating my musical heros is getting tougher every day, coz they're just so darned talented.

Bring on the return of Josh Ritter on Thursday and folks, we've got ourselves a hat trick.

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