Friday, November 09, 2007

Dealing with grim stuff

i would like to body swap - not for the full day but maybe a couple of hours in the evening.
i'd like to pee standing up and see what it was like to spank the monkey left handed. Ejaculation looks interesting. do you feel the blood rush? what's it like when your balls clench? ahh the strange workings of my brain.

I'd also like a guy to experience the exceptional overwhelming sex drive that afflicts me. it's got to be hormonal. Lord knows i'm always somewhat low level obsessed on that front, like a cadence that permanently echoes in my head however realistically, allsorts run into my brain.
and stay there. and disappear and come back.

And then there's the grimness. please do feel free to menstruate for me. feel your womb lining detach. the agonsing internal movement inside as things move round my falopian tubes and the various adhesions grind against one another.

and the exocet boobs. where are these monthly zeplins coming from? they are incredible and scary. a boy would be in awe of them forever ha ha.

all in all, getting back to living in my body rather than in fear of my body is going to be a good thing.
it's time to push it to its limits again and see what happens. naturally i'm hoping for slenderness but mostly i need the clarity and the coping mechanisms that come with it.

i can conquer the world when my mind is in the right place. let's do it baby

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dodo said...

not only conquer the world, but finish your homework AND redesign your site. you're my hero!