Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i suffer from very occasional bursts of rage.

currently the NHS is the recipient.
this is a National Health Service that is allegedly in crisis let us remember.
That is terribly strapped for resources.

Spending money on prime time television advertising.

and for what?

so we can listen to two bovine women in clothes from Matalan* burble on about how everyone in the world should breast feed their babies for the greater good.

This ENRAGES me.

Surely there's better things this money could have gone on?
Has failure to breast feed resulted in pandemic spate of deaths for both mothers and children that i was hitherto unaware of?
Will it result in a cure for cancer?

In which case, given that you already have a race of health visitors and midwives primed to witter on endlessly about how marvellous breast feeding is, can this money go to looking into finding some cures for things instead please.

*Please note this isn't a rant against breast feeding mothers, or Matalan clothes wearers (I am one), I'm just feeling cheated about how many items fall into the 'for which there is currently no cure/treatment' category.
Everyone's familial ailment of choice is probably just as ludicrously underfunded.
i accept that.

i'm obviously just having an angry kind of pre-menstrual, I-weigh-more-than-a-rhino, grumpy kind of day.

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