Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ego surfing

i don't. I mean, yeah, i have. I'm a Men and Motors Model and an expert in falconry.

but my boss ego surfed himself to a duff picture of him on my Flickr site. and i'm sure he'd NEVER heard of flickr til that point.
and then he talked about it in the staff meeting today.

So there we go. Fame at last.
if he'd surfed our more illustrious colleague, he'd have found a picture of her with her tongue out and a flashing plastic ice cube on her head.
and that my friends is the nature of Christmas, alcohol and digital photography meeting the internet summed up in a sentence.

although he has made me tighten up my privacy settings on everything.

not that i have to worry about the blog coz no one reads it anyhow.

Right. on to shuffling papers!

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