Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i'm typing in the dark

i'm under a metre from the light switch but i just can't quite bring myself to reach over.

i can hear birds tweeting but i'vegot my ear bud earphones in from where i was listening to the audio commentary over a visual poem to Paris, which was cool.

i love to go and stand by the Seine and just be in Paris.
i like to go to Pont Neuf and watch them switch off the Eiffel tower late at night and think about the fabulous firework scene in Les AMants du Pont Neuf.

And i like the spikey memorial to the dead from the camps that's near Notre Dame.
which i remember climbing endless spiral staircases in when i was a kid and then all the way back down again because the door at the top was locked and i really wanted to see so all the way back up.

ANd i've not grown out of that coz I pretty much did the same thing at La Sagrada Familia the other year, with more leaning out and digital photography.

But anyway, this is the noisiest way ever to type because all you can hear is the sound of your fingers hitting the keys and the rasp of your recently clipped nails catching on the embossing of the letters.
and you're aware that time is passing and you should be working, working, churning something out but not an object of particular joy but somehow you're happier watching the clock counting down the moments of your life because tonight you've said that 9pm in the cut off and you'll watch Bionic Woman and read some more Jack Reacher before bed time and feel and behave like a human not an essay clone.

However, some arrangement of paperwork could be in order.

Or a little brief look at yesterday's work. A review of sorts, if you will.

And man, do you need to go for that massage and sort out whatever it is that runs from your left shoulder blade to your left buttock because it fracking hurst, ouch ouch.

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