Friday, April 04, 2008

scheduling crisis

when you have no social life, like moi, certain rituals are like checking in with friends.

i realise that the folks in the TV don't know i'm there but i root for them just the same.

And so this evening i face a triple scheduling issue:

NCIS - a relative newcomer but a stalwart of my friday nights
Torchwood (why are they cramming it in before the new Doctor Who, surely it deserves better than that, even if it is ludicrous and has been described as 'carry on alien')
Criminal Minds - i love the BAU

why oh why are they all on at nine?
i ought to be planning for my research session right now or knitting til 9pm but it's twisting my mellow, dude so i'm here, spouting to you.

i just had roast potatos and parsnips. yum yum

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