Friday, April 04, 2008

sunshine superwoman

it's weird isnt' it, on sunny days like today, i feel indomitable, or however you spell it.

I've done tons of research for my course, i have a plan of attack to tomorrow - head from marshalling the 10k to Central Library and reap as many quotations as possible that could be pertinent to my various questions, along with furnishing me with a killer bibliography.
the major question is do i take my laptop and type in real time. i figure the answer is YES.

Then i can spend any remaining time on sorting out another answer.

Sunday is to be dedicated to the long answer (which in my defence i've already laid out), and as much of it as i get done will go for first draft marking on Sunday at 5pm.
then i'm claiming to have a life and heading off to meet Debbie Rocks (have i told you the Debbie Rocks story? if not, tune in soon).

ooo and i went out and ran for a wee bit this morning. And i did some press ups and some squats and some lunges!

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