Sunday, May 11, 2008


Goodbye labours of many days and hours and much ranting

See you again tomorrow for print and post but right now i'm going to do a face pack, look at a couple of months of snail mail that's been tossed on a chair and perhaps contemplate my navel, secure in the knowledge that i'm doing it just because!

To all those who've gurned, supports, cajoled and threatened - your words and thoughts moved me more than i can say.

PS i'm starting the second three later this month. This time i'll be mostly keeping:

a) schtum about the whole tragic subject

b) a sense of perspective and decorum about the whole thing

c) strictly to my word count so i don't have to waste days editing my deliciously crafted prose.

(yep, i don't always just slap down what ever stream of consciousness thoughts pop up you know!)

I hope sunday sees everything right in your worlds. Paint my door red and change my name to Elizabeth Arden, it's facepack time!

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