Sunday, May 11, 2008

a microsoft cause for my exhaustion

No, i've not been surfing 'those' sites.

it's just that i've been accepting insertions for the last couple of days and really, I can hardly keep pace!

It makes me vaguely smirk as i find it mildy rude, conceptually, as though microsoft word and I are locking in a bizarre sado masochistic relationship. Oh wait, we are at the moment, because i'd never used track changes before so i'm finding the running commentary on every space i delete and semi colon i adjust a little bit like having my fingers metaphorically slapped.

it is jolly clever.
it is NOT a quick thing though.

oh the hours i've wasted. and not just prevaricating here, while i should be writing there.
But i had to share that being asked in red every three lines to 'accept insertion' is sort of making my morning, in some sick way...

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