Sunday, May 11, 2008

my salad days

i absolutely recommend:

skipping out of work early to go on a magical mystery tour of your own fair city, with an hour of kissing when you arrive.

Add some sunshine and someone lithe of limb and muscular of arm who will breath heady words into your ears and makes you shake by touching you and really, you've got the makings of an excellent start to the weekend.

Although it is possible that some of the park residents reviewed you and thought:
a) weirdo, why haven't they got any cheap cider in a carrier bag?
b) why don't they get a room?

But anyway, here's to the City of London's hidden corners. it's a surprisingly small area, when you see it on the map. Note this is the City, rather than the city.

And Yipee! Mrs G likes Ani too. Her Amazing Grace is pretty special.
i like the way she re-arranges everything when shet tours too.

And now, back to essay land. Followed by a rewarding breakfast

peace out in the sunshine people, ensure that life while short, is sweet for certain

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