Friday, May 30, 2008

Is there anything more enjoyable than thinking about hot boys whilst drinking tea and eating Dairy Milk?

in honour of Mrs G and her slow cook thursdays and fabulous guest hosts at Derfwad Manor, i've started thinking about my number one imaginary boyfriend again.

Thanks Mrs G. It's been a great hour.

And much as I rate Mr Graham Coxon
(he of the prodigious guitar skills, mighty leaps and natty trousers)
for the top spot
always and forever,
recent photography of the pocket rocket that is Billie Joe Armstrong of Foxboro Hot Tubs (or Green Day) suggests he could still be a contender:

He's currently a curly bleach blond with roots. I growl in his general direction.

And then there's Drew McConnell (love music, hate raddishes). HOT.

and also Ralf Little (his football prowess makes me week at the knees)

Do you have the Royle Family in the States?

And Romain Duris. No doubt about it, he's my number one all time French HUSBAND.

We are just SMOKIN' hot people. He is intense, brooding and brilliant. I am passionate, pouty and plump. It was just meant to be, peuple, sans doute.
Scanning this list, i note that there are a lot of musicians on it. This is not a surprise. I could have also added Josh Homme, Ryan Adams and Dave Grohl, for completeness but i refrained, fearing guitar hero warfare when no one was watching.
And Willie Nelson. I like his plaits and approach, but the weed would make me cough and be a grouch so nope, sorry Willie.
i decided today too that if i have to walk double in this wild world, i want a bloke who'll aged stylishly like Paul Weller.
He is 50, a proud father and very dapper, with cool hair that isn't at all dad, or trying to hard.
Nice work, Mr W.
In return I will endeavour to age more Liz Hurley sans airbrush than Liz Taylor. Really, i can't say fairer than that, now can I?

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BipolarLawyerCook said...

I'll take care of Willie for you. : )