Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer cold that won't go

If anyone has a sure fire crank remedy to share, get typing, coz i'm so over feeling crappy and not being able to sleep and wanting to spit.

Spitting is revolting and makes me feel sick but the thought of green slimy snot going to live in my tummy also invokes nausea so it's not my finest hour right now

The people next door have the gardeners in. Shall i beg them to hack at the wilderness that is my lawn or should i do it myself because it's much more cost effective and a full body work out (i'm serious. Chris mowed the lawn in 2006 when i moved in and it's pretty much been a work in progress ever since.) In my defence, i did only find the key to the lawn mower shed 2 weeks ago and unhelpfully, it's not in the garden, so i'll have to lug that bad boy from an under ground cellar, up 2 flights of stairs, through the main house, through my flat and down another flight of stairs. All without knowing if it's even functional. hmmm.

this, combined with furious showers, has quite put me off the project.

I opted instead to blow dry the ice bergs in my freezer into submission today before starting on my current round of [shhhh essays].

This is just a pause. It would be a cup of tea only i'm out of milk and didn't hit the shower yet so can't really sprint down the road.

am also in a quandary about whether to ask a hottie for lunch. the cold of giantness has taken my powers of allure!

Right folks, peace out and other live affirming manoeuvres

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