Tuesday, May 06, 2008

now that the deadline is looming

i am paralysed and nervous and worried and impotent.
i can see the changes that still remain to be made but I can't implement them with any confidence as if i knew what needed to go in these holes, it would already be there.

so instead, i have been merrily eating things all day today. STuffed my little face. Drank so much water I am like Tom waiting with a bottomless coffee pot beside Jerry's mouse hole.

and now, to take my mind off it and get some creative writing out, no, i'm not blogging here, i'm actually applying for a job elsewhere.

So there. Which is another form of procrastination. I know.
i'm ignoring my messy room too.
No really, I actually am. Definitely ignoring it. And in no way did i watch AMerica's Next Top Model

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