Tuesday, May 06, 2008

people. i'm not always sure we deserve to make it

This is a rare blue iguana.

They're an endangered species. About 6 feet long, scarlet eyes. Go a nice sapphire blue when they get hot.

We have a recovery programme for them that shelters them in a botanic park and lets them hang out and breed and generally iguana - vegetarian, lies in the sun and goes super blue, nods a bit. poses for pictures, eats leaves.

so tell me why someone decided to drive out there and hack six of them to death this weekend please?

Because I just don't get it.

I don't get keeping your kid in the basement and knocking her up.
I don't get hiding your dead babies in the freezer, on the same shelf as a goodfellas pizza.
I don't get strapping plastic explosives to your own body and walking into busy spaces.

We're an odd species. And almost totally toxic to everything we come into contact with.
If not just from our over harvesting and over abundance, than in other whacky ways that we will design and build.

To paraphrase Syd Smith

People of earth sometimes you really get me down,
People of earth, sometimes it's just astonishing,
People of earth, sometimes you really get me down.

Don’t kill me for my sneakers, find some shoes of your own,
And don’t abuse our teachers, coz we can learn this on our own,
and people yer know, we’ve really got a lot to learn.

And what about the oceans? I’m afraid to eat the fish,
I bet their scared to live there, look it’s glowing in my dish
What did the aquatic world ever do, to deserve all of this?

People of earth, I really love you,
And never would I put myself above you,
People of earth, people of earth, I really love you.
I am one of you.

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