Monday, June 09, 2008

Aquafresh's new toothpaste looks like Gillette shaving foam

but is all minty and zingyfying.
i'm about to go and lick some now.
Who knows, i may even use it to clean my toothypegs too.

here's hoping the pixies of glee visit everyone in the night and bring them they want.

Talking of WHAT WE WANT:
I would like Shane from the L Word.

the character. Not Katherine Moenig. Well, actually, maybe Katherine Moenig really but let's just put her at the top of the secret girlfriends list, so that we're clear that no effigies are being made and no lives entwined being imagined.

I wanted to sit on my old mate's lap the other evening during dinner. Which i'm not sure was appropriate.
And now i'd like to ask him to the ball, but he might say no. And at present, i can't take any more being crushed. and i would be kind of crushed i think. (NB all those who came in late, I did ask him, it wasn't that excruciating and he did say no. He was frightened specifically of the black tie element and perhaps also of the appearing with me in black tie element. I presume I will now never hear from him again. Either because a) he feels wretched and like he let me down or b) he's embarassed that I'd ask him to be my quasi date after only seeing him once in the last 10 years.) More worthy of note was my complete lack of crushed-ness. yay me.

Back to Shane. She could totally cut all of my hair (SNIP the next portion of text has been edited and found unsuitable for mainstream consumption)
(if no one watches the L Word then this is probably all v. confusing but there you go. I wish they'd start showing it on UK tv again. )

My dvd library are being TARDY about shipping the box set.
it's la bit like 30 something (kind of)(ish) but with cooler hair.

If i could be someone for the day, I'd be Dave Grohl. He's ace, everyone likes him, he's talented, he's got amazing mates, his daughter seems rocking, his wife seems cool, i imagine he has a good house, recording studio, massive guitar collection, drum kits in the multiples and generally a live of marvellousness.
Even if it was a day where he was doing yard work and unblocking the waste disposal whilst listening to his favourite tracks and eating grilled cheese sandwiches, it would not suck, i feel.

Peace out people, sleep or have a rocking bird day, according to your timezones and personal preferences

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