Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rival Schools

No, i've not returned to the education system. Frankly the whole distance learning thing has been quite enough to put me off that number for life.

Although I do think home schooling sounds like quite the thing but that could just be an abstract long, sublimation of other related desires, etc. (Incidentally one close amigo keeps trying to convince me that i should retrain as a teacher. which makes me say eff$££%***$$$??????)(as you can see, i've given my response a lot of thought).

Rival Schools. a recently reformed post hardcore band from New York.
for which the most excellent Sparky gave me a ticket. Yes that's right, all i had to do was buy him a solitary pint of underpriced student ale. How blimming marvellous was that?
The gig venue was Kings College Student Union, which you reach by lift. He he. Something about riding in a lift (elevator) to get to the darkened hardcore dance floor was most mentally delicious.
The support band (The Computers, from Essex) were most pleasing altho i missed some quality heckler put downs through a toilet trip.

Rival Schools themselves rose from the ashes of some other pedigree post hardcore outfits, like Quicksand. Now that name says a lot to me but I couldn't hum anything. I'm about to them to be sure.

Still though. Some sonic brutality overlaid with lyrics which at times had the nasal yank delivery of Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American. But don't let that put you off. there was a roaring undercurrent and a heavy layer of glee from band and audience alike. The new tunes did not grate horribly. Bring it on.
We do need some education.

Quality night, great company.

And lovely crowd too. After my horrid and undermining incident during the Foos with the name calling moron who really put a wrinkle in my Sunday and indeed Monday and Tuesday, they were sooooo lovely.

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