Wednesday, June 25, 2008

things pushing my laugh buttons today

1) my dad using 'THING' for any word he can't remember. It makes all conversation a little bit like appearing in some fill in the blanks game show. Fortunately even he is finding this funny in quite a dark way.

this is a vast improvement on him just being terrified that he'll have another stroke and survive, unable to move and with yet more of his words etc missing.

Which is indeed, no kind of thought to conjure with.

2) The Bloggess. She's is crazy cool.

3) the fact that 'esnorquel' really is spanish for 'to snorkel'. I'm quite enjoying my Spanish learning. To all those walking any of my route from North London to Green Park, enjoy my mangling of the language. Yes. I really am hollering it (hola-ing it?) outloud.

I have no shame.

And an atrocious spanish accent.

But what the heck.

Cervezas por todos el mundo!

PS I'm currently so fat that i think i might look mildly pregnant. Please be so kind as to NOT mention it. EVER.

I'm wearing my glasses and a sparkly top to try and distract from it.

May have to resort to Pat Butcher earrings. (anyone state side, she's a hatchet faced character with scary pink and blue eye make up who's on Eastenders. she is often puffing on a fag and famed for her allegiance to GIANT earrings of horror)
Peace out people

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