Wednesday, July 02, 2008

blogger just ate my previous post.
i'm incandescent and speechless with rage.

in addition to this injustice, I got in to find that
a) my milk had turned
b) my pesto was out of date
c) i have chunky thighs in shorts from all my stress eating.


i'm glaring at the screen and grinding my teeth.
Neither of which is productive, so i'm going to google to find out what a craw is, then i'm taking out my contact lenses, then i'm checking on my linda mccartney sausages and then on my download.

you are now au fait with minutaie of my life.

ooo but this is the thing i wanted to request:

if you can and meet the criteria, please give blood. you could be saving someone's life.
If you do it in the UK, they give you biscuits and tea.
And stickers

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