Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5k ass post

Yes, fully clothed silhouette is as good as it gets folks.

This image does not show my marvellous rack or my tiny waste to their best advantages, rather my beloved Kings of Leon zip top adds such matters to the general planetoid of my botty.

But there we go.

As i get back to running, that's the bad boy that will be chasing me.

'I wish i were more J-Lo' lamented my skinny and fabulous hair dresser

'you look like Doctor Who's assistant, Rose' said any number of people.



Mrs. G. said...

Hey, nice ass shot! I like the light streaming in.

kcinnova said...

Photographically interesting composition: I heartily approve of your use of light and shadows.

I got brave (or stupid) this week. It's hidden as an update to keep my dh and others from finding it.

Keetha said...

That's a great photo!

We'll have to stick together. This Couch to 5K business is way harder than I thought it would be.