Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If I can't have you, can I have my gator?

Mrs G over at Derfwad Manor has named Ryan Gosling as a secret boyfriend. More power to her, I say.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Remy McSwain

You may be noting his similarity to Dennis Quaid but to me and other fans of seeing him in those JEANS, he's an entity in his own right, cher...

And you may be now wondering at Ellen Barkin's similarity to me... or not...

But i could be Anne to his Remy.

Anne Osborne: That's OK. I never did have much luck with sex anyway.

Remy McSwain: Your luck's about to change, cher.

Is my luck really gonna change Remy? It's about time.

And it might be nice if the 5k ass project netted me a non imaginary hottie as a side bonus

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