Friday, August 08, 2008

Derfwad 5K ass project

So i've thought it over and there's no way anyone has their screens on small enough resolution to begin to fit my ass on the screen. so for now it can be between me and the contents of my knicker drawer.

i'm working on it.
but i feel all horrid and wobbly and like a giant jelly or something. Maybe mister staypuff from the ghostbuster films.
it makes me want:
a) a packet of hobnobs and multiple cups of tea
b) surgery
c) speed
d) to hibernate til starvation has consumed my fat pockets.

I realise that this is all wholly magnified by an intense couple of days and enforced dining out, which over rich-ifies my intake and generally makes me feel weird.

Cracking couple of days though.
I felt like a mover and shaker

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Keetha said...

This is the midpoint of my second week on Couch to 5K. I'm finding it, er, challenging, to say the least.