Tuesday, August 05, 2008

a few words from David R Adams

Top 10 Things I Think About When the World is Caving In

Albert Einstein {imagine a conversation between God and Albert Einstein}
hot baths and comic books
how much I miss my grandfather
the saying "this too shall pass"
sleeping in a pile of puppies
being me for me
making soup & tea
accepting the world as it is, full of darkness and light. observing the balance and choosing the light

Here are my 10 things that I think about as the world caves in
1) why is everything on the same day
2) i wonder whatever happened to that scarf I wore all the time when me and Tom hung out on an hourly basis
3) would a linda macartney sausage sandwich, a fish finger sandwich or some other scooby snack save the day?
4) just one more cup of tea
5) just one more cup of coffee
6) time for one more sad song
7) the touch of his tongue on the back of my neck and the way he pulled me down on the bed that time when i was dressed and ready to leave
8) how much lyrics and poetry have helped me live
9) the power of the sound of the wind through the trees
10) 'there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends' and loved ones.
yes, as the world crumbles (it isn't too much at present, i hasten to add, less you think of me as doom laden, rather than just waiting for football season to start again, ha ha), like Max in the Sendak book, i want to be where somebody loves me best of all.


tumbleweed said...

no mention of chocolate?

HerImperialMajesty said...

Ya know,i'm not sure chocolate has any answers.
Not that it isn't one of the most delicious answers to most questions.

Oddly enough though, it never entered my brain when faced with that original meme.