Friday, September 19, 2008

Late night buses.

So all my outfits for the early part of the week worked out well, thanks for all good wishes.

And I had a lot of fun and have devised a new system of transport around london and to salvage one of this fair city's greatest music venues for demolition (to make way for a train. How wild frontier is that). Basically, with the assistance of a fine fellow in a polka dot shirt (is this what hipster men who are comfortable with themselves are wearing on dates nowadays?)(i'm still not convinced). but I digress, is a system of underground canals. Also free pasties for all as in flight snacks. So there we go.

Cool bands and good company but alas, no spark. Still, some witty repartee and who could ask for more than that of an evening?
(er, me selfishly it would seem. But then i'm measuring against a secret yard stick.).

Right, i guess i better stick some things in a bag and start my 3 hour drive.

Have good weekends one and all

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